Hi, I'm Kait

I am a passionate, independent learner with a keen eye for responsive design. My extensive background as a professional violinist and an entrepreneur has given me the skills to solve complex problems and perform under pressure. I am currently working as a software developer at Decipher Technology Studios in Alexandria, VA.

In October 2016, I decided to teach myself to code. I took the initiative to find great resources like Harvard's CS50 course, CodeCademy, Wes Bos, and Free Code Camp. After studying seriously on my own for 8 months, I decided to attend Grace Hopper Academy in New York City. Grace Hopper is an extension of Fullstack Academy, a 3 month coding bootcamp for women that has an 8% acceptance rate.

I have a passion for design and photography that I try to bring to every project. As a succesful entreprenuer, I currently run two active small businesses in the DC area. District Strings, a music event company, provides classical music ensembles for weddings, parties, and corporate events. I also regulary photograph weddings and portraits through my photography business, Kaitlin Jane Photography.

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