CopyPastaA macOS smart code snippet indexer for developers.

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A macOS smart code snippet indexer for developers that allows you to save text snippets from anywhere on your machine. It also indexes snippets based on origin, url, or programming language, automatically detects programming language, and allows you to tag snippets with any arbitrary metadata

SonifyData Sonification Tool

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Sonify is a module that allows you to create audio representations of data in the browser. The library will scale your data to a given pitch range and song length and then allow you play it in the browser using the Web Audio API.

TimeCloudChrome Extension

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TimeCloud is a chrome extension that visualizes the time you spend on the web. Each circle in the cloud represents the time spent on a particular website. You have the ability to filter these items and view the result in both graph and list view. Created with JS and D3.

A demo of a very basic twitter clone that implements server sent events. This was my first exploration of the SSE standard, which allows the browser to register with a server and recieve updates over a single HTTP connection. SSE negates the need for polling and is a great light-weight alternative to WebSockets for scenarios that only require server -> client communication.

Tiny Kitchen is a recipe organizer and intelligent kitchen assistant created by my team at Grace Hopper Academy. Our app guides the user through the cooking process by providing an AI cooking assistant named Mochi. Mochi can read recipe steps, sets timers, and performs unit conversions based on voice commands. Users can add recipes to their own personal recipe boxes, add notes to recipes, and manage a grocery list. With our Chrome extension users can add recipes from their favorite cooking sites.